Be the woman you want to become! The woman of substance and purpose. The woman of womb and labor. The woman of generation and life. The woman of all creatures. Goddess of beauty and happiness. What woman do you want to become? A woman of obstacles or plunder? A woman of luxury or self-indulgence? A woman of sorrows or destruction? Will you be a daughter of hope or anguish? Can you harbor fate and fortune? And can you give birth to destiny and rectitude? My woman, can’t you see you are vulnerable? Can’t you see you have a tamed destiny? Can’t you see you are being humiliated?

Do you truly believe in feminists? And do you believe in all woman empowerment? How liberated and empowered are you woman? And who said you are lonely? Have you checked the lockers of your treasuries? And do you know how much you glitter? Spare me, little time woman! For you are the strongest of all creatures. Kings and queens spend months in your womb. You are the warmth of the winter; coldness can’t make peace at your bosom. In the cleavage of every hole, where minds take relief. Be aware of your value. Spend time with countenance. And be bold to the deceiver. For we are suffering from your suffering. We are humiliated by your anger. Come rescue us from miseries with your smile.

We need your care and guidance. Your sweetening voice is played as a lullaby. We need your bosom for thinking. Your milk nurtured us to become mature. Kindly grant us these treasuries once more. Be the woman you want to become. Become the woman you want to be. But be our woman forever. For you are the ocean of humanity, the desert that brings the sun. the heart of every society and the breath of progress. The enemy wanted your demise, so it can ruin the earth. But you still have the power to resurrect, to wake us from our slumbers. We need you woman, to rescue us from these turmoils and upheavals.

Be in your magnificence. Stretch your incense and flavor us with your perfumes of beauty. We need you for these trouble times. Unshackle us from our ruins and keep us closer to your temples. Woman, be a woman, don’t be a man. For men are greedy, egoistic, senseless pride, and obsessions with power. They have destroyed the earth. Have mercy, woman, and save us from wreck. Nature is yours, take control and rule. Because that is the woman you want to become!


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