When all is nigh, remember there is a sigh. When all get messy, remember there is beauty. You are a woman, the mother of nature and the goddess of life. The stretches and strains of the eyes of men converge at the epicenter of your body. You are a shine on the earth. The aesthetic acumen of art. So, be a woman of relevance, because in your appearance that everything would be in accordance. The brightening of your face, cruising from your eyes to the edges of your cheeks cools boiling blood. It relieves the depressed. And give the man in astray a hope.

Your beauty’s indispensability cannot be carried with gold. All the treasuries of fate and destiny are packed within its vessels. When you walk, the back aids the blockades of thoughts, as the front pulls the steers of mind like wheels. Be conscious about these qualities, you woman! For your life is durable. It holds the egos of men and twinkles it down for them to mellow. Your image is of age, among the younger eyes of the most honorable men.

A belly of generation, a cleavage of ovation. Breasts that crest sober, for men and children to Sower. Smoothness and softness are the welcoming fortresses. Within your entanglement, every puzzle becomes a riddle in a single tingle. Your beauty is sensational. It is phenomenal, in any existential citadel. In it, the world finds peace, the earth exhibits it worthiness. The sun shines not in vain, and the moon dims with purpose.

A woman is not a human with greed. Her creed is a read to all the freed. And that is the power of the feminine loop. It hooks the tubes of our lumps. So, let’s start championing her discourse, let’s start celebrating her acquaintance, let’s start eating in her pots, for the earth is missing it. Nature cries for this engagement because her loss had been a fatal blow. The sons are crying for daughters and the fathers are crying for mothers. Children are yelling for bosoms, and in the anguish of humanity, the beauty of a woman is what they are yelling for.

Let no man of no use, use your beauty. Let no luxury be of damage. Be an independent beauty, for the ingenuity of it has no price. My pride is not your pride. Rather, your beauty is my dignity. Price me the way you want, and buy me cheap with your elegance. I need the gorgeousness and the enshrining appearance of your body. I need you whole to make me complete. I need your beauty to stay witty. A witty that makes me worthy of your readiness. Marry me for any price, woman, but gift me your beauty so I could stay in your cult forever. Love me with your heart, but honor me with its prettiness. It is a sigh of beauty, I will go high for it, and fly with it.

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